One pregnant woman one iron and Folic Acid project

By: Sarah Nkansah Boateng


 One pregnant woman one folic acid and iron campaign is an initiative by Nkansahs foundation to aid pregnant women living in the rural areas of Ghana to have access to adequate health care services which will improve safe motherhood.


Pregnancy is the most crucial and critical stages in the life of every woman and keen interest must be directed to that effect especially pregnant women living in the rural communities. These women are prone to losing their lives, still birth, giving birth to children with disabilities because they are disadvantaged when it comes to the aspect of healthcare services. There is a very high prevalence of death amongst pregnant women, high birth defect on the children in the rural communities of Ghana which occurs as a result of poor or no reach to health care services. 

Our goal is to be able to reach out to at least 10,000 pregnant women who do not have access to good health care services because of bad roads and poor infrastructures because we believe that every citizen has the right to proper and adequate healthcare service. 

Our goal is to also sensitize these pregnant women on the importance of taking iron and folic acid when pregnant to prevent birth defect and further complications.

Our objectives are to improve safe motherhood

  1.  Improving the whole totality of the pregnant woman in the rural area
  2. Reduce maternal mortality and morbidity
  3. To reduce child mortality and morbidity
  4. To reduce still births and birth defects in utero.
  5. To create awareness on anaemia and malaria in pregnancy, its causes and effect.


As Nkansahs foundation, we believe that joining forces together can be a great tool in solving problems. Partners who come on board extend their resources to reach out to the target group which also aids in higher positive results. This helps in creating sustainability and growth.


Becoming a donor/partner/sponsor for our one pregnant woman one folic acid and iron campaign is not just giving out resources to help us meet our aims and goals but a medium to also help in touching and saving the life of a pregnant woman living in the rural area because lack of healthcare accessibility. This can and will also be accounted and credited to your business or company as performing cooperate social responsibilities.

Your name/ anything that identifies your personality will be attached to all the projects that will be held.

A citation of recognition and appreciation

Further recognition on all our social media handles which will create a wider network for your business as well.


In conclusion, we are very positive and optimistic that Ghana and Africa as a whole will have a major breakthrough from these challenges through our efforts and your partnership. We are ready and willing to partner with you to help save a life of a pregnant woman in the rural areas of Ghana. We hope to hear from you soon.

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