Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine and the importance of Pap smear Screening

By: Obipiseibima Priscilla Aggokabo

Cost: $2000.00

Project Overview


Global Impact for Rural Innovation Foundation in partnership with the Better Life Initiatives is embarking on a campaign on the ``Human papilloma Virus and Cervical Cancer Screening amongst women living in West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana).


Cervical cancer is a malignant tumor of the lowermost part of the uterus(womb) of a female, this part is known as the Cervix. The organism responsible for this infection is a strain of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV 16/18). This is transmitted mostly through sexual intercourse. There are over 100 strains of this virus and it related to cancers of the anus, vulva, vagina, penis, and oropharynx.

As in the case of many cancers, this condition progresses slowly and may be asymptomatic in the very early years. It later presents with irregular menstruation, vaginal bleeding, pain during sexual intercourse and abnormal vaginal discharge, loss of appetite, weight loss and the like. Unfortunately, many at risk in developing countries are not aware of these and the few with varying degrees of knowledge are left helpless since there is not enough intervention to assist them.

According to statistics from the World health organization report on cervical cancer in 2018, the fourth most common cancer among women had an estimated new case of 570,000 new cases. Globally, over 311,000 deaths occur from cervical cancer every year. Unfortunately, 90 % of deaths related to this are from low- and middle-income countries.  In Africa, over 68,000 new cases are confirmed yearly. 34 out of every 100 000 women in Africa are diagnosed with cervical cancer of which 23 out of every 100 000 women die from cervical cancer every year. In Ghana, a recent survey by the Ghana health service obstetrics and gynecology association and Joy news estimated about 4 deaths each day from cervical cancer and its related conditions. According to the world health organization, more than 10,000 deaths related to cervical cancer occur in Nigeria, hence the reason for this advocacy and awareness.


  • Sensitize the targeted group on the importance of the HPV vaccine and the Pap smear screening exercise to avoid deaths as a result of cervical cancer.
  • Vaccinate the targeted audience on human papillomavirus to prevent victims.
  • Reduce the cost of the HPV vaccine in West Africa and the Pap smear screening test. 

Generally, GIRIF wants to contribute to a reduction of the alarming rate of cancer prevalence in rural communities in West Africa by education, screening, vaccination and following up on suspected cases. 

Specific objectives

  •  Sensitize teenagers on the importance of the HPV vaccine. 
  • Increase access to pap smear screening among the sexually active groups at no cost.
  • Follow up on all suspected positive cases to ensure a more comprehensive treatment approach.


A public lecture would be given on the importance of the HPV vaccine and the Pap smear screening exercise to avoid deaths as a result of cervical cancer. This is ongoing on various social media platforms.

Targeted beneficiaries

Though in the long term it will be of great relief to the society as a whole, the core group includes women between 13 to 49 years. Vaccination will be in the interest of those at an early age and not exposed whiles screening and follow up will be for those advanced in years.

  •  Selected communities in Ghana and Nigeria will be the main focus after which we will move to other countries across West Africa.
  • Rural communities will be of interest because of less education and challenge to have easy access to screening on HPV. 
  •       In Kumasi, the target population would be the ladies residing at the brothel with no knowledge of the importance of PAP smear screening and the dangers of cervical cancer.

With your support, we will get these additional materials

  •       Hospitals or facilities to partner with: - This would be of utmost importance because the patients would have a particular facility to attend to them after the end of the awareness campaign. Also, for the positive cases, these facilities would do a follow for the patients.
  •            T-shirts for the purpose of this campaign.
  •        Accessibility to vaccines at a subsidized rate.


  • We believe that partnership is a powerful marketing tool. Building and strengthening yourself and company brand through effective leverage is one of the key essentials in business strategy. To be effective, the partnership of any project must serve the interest of the constituent parties.
  • It must serve the business interest of the constituent parties involved.
  • It must have a positive impact on the partner’s direct targeted audience.
  • It must serve the best interests of the project its beneficiaries.


Global Impact for Rural Innovation Foundation solicits for your support with regards to the human papilloma virus vaccine campaign.


  •  Serving as a sponsor/ partner for our educational campaign is not just about giving, but it is an opportunity for your organization to forge and nurture a relationship with GIRIF to ensure that an awareness is created on ``Human papilloma Virus and Cervical Cancer Screening amongst women living in Bauchi State which could also be counted as a corporate social responsibility of your company.
  • Superb recognitions as a sponsor/ partner on all GIRIF related to this cause.
  • Create further awareness of yourself or business and its purpose on our social media platforms.
  • A citation of Appreciation.


We are confident that we can meet the challenges ahead and stand ready to partner with you in delivering to help our campaign on ``Human papilloma Virus and Cervical Cancer Screening amongst women living in West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana).

We hope to hear from you with a minimum of delay to discuss further this partnership proposal.

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